Dacotah Centennial Park (DCP) will soon feature a Remote Control (RC) track and a go-kart track. Mandan Parks and Recreation will amend its current lease with Bismarck Mandan Stock Car Association (BMSCA) to add the go-kart and RC track, Mandan Parks will not incur any expense. The Mandan Park Board approved this request on February 13.

The BMSCA is responsible for facilitating the construction of these two new features at DCP. The RC track is to be placed on Mandan Parks and Recreation property located on the east side of DCP in the former community garden’s location. The existing RC Track is currently located at Nicholas Park, 1216th 14th St. SE. The go-kart track would be located adjacent to the RC Track and existing DCP race track.

BMSCA formed two subcommittees, one responsible for the RC track and other for the go-kart track. The committees are responsible for fundraising, development of the tracks, leagues, tournaments, and events. The project will be completed in phases and the estimated completion date is the summer of 2023.

Each subcommittee is in search of track sponsors and donations to build the tracks. For more information on the RC track, find the “Bisman RC” page on Facebook, email them at Bismanrc@gmail.com, or click here to donate.