After the last two scheduled races were rained out, drivers and fans flocked to the Dacotah Speedway on Friday, May 19th. It was a warm day in May but the racing action heated up once the sun went down. 


When the green flag waved in the IMCA Sport Compact feature, they were four wide for the lead coming out of turn four. Last week’s feature winner, Krys Yost charged to the lead. Paul Schuh hung tight with Yost as they battled side by side for first place. With only two laps to go, Yost cleared Schuh for the position. As the checkered flag waved, Krys Yost, crossed the finish line first. Paul Schuh had to settle for second as Couy Snyder held off Alex Thompson to finish third. 


The father-daughter duo of Karlie and Kelly Hoerner lead the field to the green flag in the Hobby Stock feature. Kelly grabbed the lead early but had his hands full with a speedy Ryker Vetter. A mid-race caution changed the whole complexion of the race. On the restart, it was a three car battle for the lead between Kelly Hoerner, Bill Hultberg and John Gartner Jr. Defending track champion, Hultberg, shuffled into the lead and pulled away. Bill Hultberg went on to win his first Dacotah Speedway victory since 2021. Kelly Hoerner finished second ahead of John Gartner Jr. Derrick Appert, who started 14th, finished fourth while Karlie Hoerner rounded out the top five. 


Defending track champion, Donavin Wiest, took the lead early in the INEX Legends feature. Cautions came early and often, slowing the pace of the race. But on the final restart with 14 laps to go, Wiest and Nate Keena battled hard for the lead. As they raced side by side, it allowed Billy Workman Jr from Mooresville, NC to catch the leaders. Workman Jr passed Wiest for second and looked to the outside of Keena for the lead. With four laps to go, Workman Jr drove by on the outside and pulled away. Despite never seeing or racing at Dacotah Speedway, Billy Workman Jr picked up the victory. Donavin Wiest finished second ahead of Noah Madler and Alex Kukowski. Nate Keena held on to finish fifth. 


Pole sitter Brandon Booke led early in the WISSOTA Street Stock feature. It was a heated battle at the front of the field between Booke and Geoff Hellman while Chris Welk Jr, Hunter Domagala and Jason Meidinger raced three wide for third. Hellman grabbed the lead before a lap eight caution regrouped the field. On the restart, Domagala passed Dosch for second as Dosch fell into the clutches of Jason Meidinger. With six laps to go, Dosch and Meidinger raced door to door. Meidinger continued his steady climb to the front, grabbing third place as the battle for the win was heating up between Hellman and Domagala. With only a few laps remaining, Domagala reeled in Hellman and they raced hard for the win.  When the checkered flag waved, Hunter Domagala crossed the finish line first. Goeff Hellman finished second ahead of Jason Meidinger. Matt Dosch held off Jeremy Engelhardt for fifth. 


Jamestown’s Scott Gartner led from the pole in the IMCA Modified feature. Gartner pulled away as the racing was heating up behind him between Travis Tooley, Quentin Kinzley, Mark Dahl and Jason Wolla. Drivers were slicing and dicing for position as the track was wide and racy. A mid-race caution erased Gartner’s large lead over the field. On the restart, Gartner, Kinzley and Dahl raced three wide for the lead as Tooley, Wolla and Marlyn Seidler raced three wide for fourth. Seidler, who started ninth, shuffled into the fourth position and wasted no time tracking down the leaders. Kinzley led briefly before Dahl claimed the top spot. Seidler made it a three car battle for the lead and motored into first place. Jeremy Keller, who started 11th, followed Seidler through the field and started to reel him in when Seidler started catching lapped traffic. Keller was all over Seidler’s rear bumper and coming to the checkered flag, Keller threw a Hail Mary pass for the win but slid up the track, allowing Seidler to cruise by and grab the victory. Mark Dahl finished third ahead of Quentin Kinzley and Jason Wolla. 

Open Water Marine Hard Chargers

IMCA Modifieds
  • #11K Jeremy Keller (Bismarck, ND)
    • Started: 11th
    • Finished: 2nd
    • +9 Positions
WISSOTA Street Stocks
  • #97 Hunter Domagala (Bismarck, ND)
    • Started: 7th
    • Finished: 1st
    • +6 Positions
INEX Legends
  • #87 Gus Jensen (Flasher, ND)
    • Started: 22nd
    • Finished: 8th
    • +14 Positions
Hobby Stocks
  • #4D Josh Roehrich (Bismarck, ND)
    • Started: 17th
    • Finished: 6th
    • +11 Positions
IMCA Sport Compacts
  • #81 Krys Yost (Balfour, ND)
    • Started: 4th
    • Finished: 1st
    • +3 Positions
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Redline Motorsports Fastest Lap Times

IMCA Modifieds
  • #15 Travis Tooley (Mandan, ND)
    • 19.561 seconds
    • 69.015 mph
WISSOTA Street Stocks
  • #97 Hunter Domagala (Bismarck, ND)
    • 20.741 seconds
    • 65.088 mph
INEX Legends
  • #1K Nate Keena (Lincoln, ND)
    • 20.342 seconds
    • 66.365 mph
Hobby Stocks
  • #11R Bill Hultberg (Bismarck, ND)
    • 21.093 seconds
    • 64.002 mph
IMCA Sport Compacts
  • #81 Krys Yost (Balfour, ND)
    • 22.382 seconds
    • 60.316 mph
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