The club meeting of the Bismarck Mandan Stock Car Association met on December 8, 2022, with all Board members present except Preston Martin.  The meeting was called to order by President Jeremy Keller.

The minutes of the last club meeting were read by Jessup Pelkey.  Mike Christiansen moved they be approved, seconded by Jason Meidinger, and carried.

Herb Bargmann gave the treasurer’s report.  He noted we prepaid our rent to the Park Board for next year.  It increased each year, and is $16,000 for next year.  We also prepaid our insurance with K & K.

We did receive a check from Red Carpet for the tickets they sold last year.  We sent in for our license with Custer Health, and the license for our RV sites has also been sent in.

We have a couple of names registered with the Secretary of State.  We renewed the registration on Drive to Survive, and The Governor’s Cup.”

Mike moved the report be approved, seconded by Jessup and carried.

The club was informed we will be ordering 37 fixtures of LED lighting for the track from Fetzer Electric, to be installed next year.

We are going to try to start the season with a double header, if we can start one of the first two weeks on the schedule.  If it is later than that, we will not have a double header, as all other tracks will be starting too. The first night will not be a double header this year.

It was noted Drew Papke and the RC Track have been working on the establishment of a new youth go-cart track.

If anyone has a catchy name for the two-day race, let us know.

The MPO would like to partner with us again to bring in someone to appear at our race, and at Buggies and Blues.

We are looking for additional help at the track, both in the tower and on the track.

We haven’t made a decision yet on the Governor’s Cup as to how it will be run.

There was no further business, and the meeting was adjourned.